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The Kodokan Judo Institute at sunset. In the background you can see laQua.
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The Kodokan Judo Institute (, Kōdōkan) is the home of Jūdō (). The Kōdōkan was formed in 1882 by Jigorō Kanō. Origionally located at Eishōji Temple and only had 12 mats, the Kōdōkan currently resides in Bunkyō, Tōkyō, Japan with over 1,000 tatami mats. The Kōdōkan Jūdō Institute is recognized as a non-regular school by the Tōkyō Metropolitan Government.


Kodokan Map

The Kōdōkan in located next to Tokyo Dome City in Bunkyō ward in Tokyō, Japan.

Mailing Address[edit]

  • 〒112-0003 東京都文京区春日1-16-30
  • 1-16-30 Kasuga, Bunkyō-ku
    Tōkyō 112-0003 Japan


From Kasuga Station

Take exit A1 out of the subway. Once outside, turn right and the Kodokan will be on the right.

From Korakuen Station

Take exit 4a or 3 outside and cross the street. Follow the narrow street next to the train tracks to the next road. At this large road, turn left. The entrance for the Kodokan will be on the left.

From Suidobashi Station

Take the east exit out of the station. Turn left heading north towards the Tokyo Dome. Head this direction through two major intersections. The Kodokan will be on the left, just past LaQua.



The Kōdōkan is made up of the International Judo Center and an office building. The International Judo Center was built in 1984 in commemoration of 100th anniversary of Jūdō.

The International Judo Center is made up of 9 floors including a store, a cafeteria, conference rooms, 6 dojos (a main dojo with spectator seating, a school dojo, a international dojo, a women's dojo, a boy's dojo, and a special dojo), a library, lodging rooms (5 rooms for training camps, single rooms, deluxe single rooms, and deluxe twin rooms), parking, a research center, and shops.

International Judo Center & Office Building
RF Kodokan roof floor preview.png
8 Kodokan 8th floor preview.png
7 Kodokan 7th floor preview.png
6 Kodokan 6th floor preview.png
5 Kodokan 5th floor preview.png
4 Kodokan 4th floor preview.png
3 Kodokan 3rd floor preview.png
2 Kodokan 2nd floor preview.png
1 Kodokan 1st floor preview.png
B Kodokan basement floor preview.png


This information can change at anytime. Please see the following website for up to date information: http://www.kodokan.org/e_basic/school.html


  • Kangeiko (寒稽古) (mid-winter training) has been a tradition in the Kodokan since 1884.
  • Shochugeiko (暑中稽古) (mid-summer training)
  • Tsukinami-Shiai (月次試合) (monthly tournament)
  • Kohakujiai (紅白試合) (red and white tournament) occurs in spring and fall.