Brigitte Deydier

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Deydier,Brigitte (1958-) three-time World Champion -61 kg (134.5 lbs)/-66 Kg (145.5 lbs)

She was born in Morocco, She is a former French judoka fighting in the 66kg category, it is the first real female star of French judo, becoming 3-time world champion in 1982, 1984, 1986. She also earned a silver medal at the Summer Olympics in Seoul in 1988 when women's judo was a demonstration sport.

Best Contest Techniques


Best Competition Results Olympic Games silver Seoul 1988

World Championships gold Paris 1982 gold Vienna 1984 gold Maastricht 1986 silver Essen 1987

European Championships

gold Kerkrade 1979 (-61kg) silver Undine 1980 ( -61kg) gold Pirmasen 1984 (-66kg) gold Landskrona 1985 gold London 1986 bronze Pamplona 1988

Fukuoka Cup silver 1986 bronze 1987 Created by